1.     WHEREVER  malpractices  were  found  and  booked  by  some  person, other than Hall

        Supervisors for the past 8 days,  the Hall Supervisors should be suspended immediately.

        The list mentioned above,  should be provided by 4.00 PM, on 21.03.2015 -  to the Director

        of Government  Examinations, Chennai – 6.  

        cases, where the candidates have not written the  Question Booklet Series (A or B)in the

2.     It is brought  to the Notice of the Director of Government Examinations, that there are

 3.    A meeting should be conducted  by the District Educational Officers, for  the Chief
        answer booklet.    Disciplinary  action should be initiated against the Chief Superintendent /
        Departmental  Officers, concerned.
         (i)  mistakes  occurred   during the first day of  examination, the Chief Superintendents /
        Superintendents/ Departmental Officers of X Std. in districts, by 4.30 PM to-day.
         (ie.20.3.2015)    -
         Departmental Officers should be informed accordingly, and it should not be repeated
        applies to all the Chief Superintendents / Departmental Officers and Standing  squad also.
         (ii)  There are  incidents that   some-how  the Hall Supervisors  managed to carry

        mobile phones with them to the examination halls.  This should be strictly prevented.   This

Date :    20.03.2015.                                               DIRECTOR OF GOVT. EXAMINATIONS.  

        No one should  carry the mobile phone,  inside  the  examination  premises itself.

This letter may be forwarded to all the District Educational Officers, and it should be acknowledged within one hour by the District Educational Officers,   to the Joint Director  (Higher Secondary) & Joint Director (Personnel) of Govt. Examinations, Chennai-6, over phone.
Developed by Viswa P